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Month: October 2022

Why discovery learning makes sense in eLearning and the role of content

Discovery learning is one of the methods or techniques that support constructive education as this promotes self-directed learning. In this learning, the students actively involve themselves in learning about things on their own. This type of learning is practised in schools and colleges where the teachers ask the students to search and find information. As

Small changes you can make to your daily routine for a balanced lifestyle

A balanced lifestyle is achieving optimum in all aspects of one’s life, such as emotions, health, fitness, study/work and relationships. A balanced lifestyle is important in the current fast-paced world to ensure physical and mental well-being. Building a balanced lifestyle depends on the daily routine one follows. One could lead a balanced lifestyle by making

Learning process: Online Vs Traditional

The debate between online learning versus traditional education continues to take the centre stage each passing year. During the pandemic online teaching emerged as the only relevant option to impart education. Instantaneously all the learning activities had to take place online, including employees in many countries switched to work from home. But is it a

Interactive School Activities for Students

There are a lot of ways and methods to teach students. To attain knowledge students must participate in gathering information and processing it by problem solving and articulation. To connect with the lesson the best way to learn is through interactive classroom activities and not just memorizing facts or numbers. Interactive classroom activities help students

Interactive Methodology of E-learning

E-learning or online learning is an internet-based education that requires the use of electronic devices and Internet connectivity. E-learning is an advanced technology that plays a major role in the modern education system. Today, numerous e-learning courses are available on the internet from top universities and institutions. These online courses deliver thousands of solutions to

Innovative Techniques and Methods of E-learning

Today, every generic mean has been effectively substituted for its digital counterparts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the education system has been moved online to a large extent. Not only has the workforce adopted this advanced technology for its operation in the professional spectrum, but it also has a significant influence on the education system.