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Month: November 2022

What Is Observational Learning in Higher Education?

The majority of initial learning experiences occur through observation. We make sense of the world by observing friends, family members, and the surrounding environment. It is not uncommon for people to represent learning as an act that takes place through the use of books and lectures. This is known as the traditional learning model, which

What Is NCTE? Role Of National Council For Teacher Education (NCTE)

Schools, educational institutions, and most important, teachers are integral parts of a student’s life. Teachers are mainly responsible for imparting knowledge on core subjects, inculcating educational values, and motivating students for further education and future endeavor. To provide a productive classroom session, the teachers should have certain methodologies and pedagogies. Therefore, when a school appoints

What Is National Educational Alliance For Technology (NEAT) Scheme?

National Educational Alliance for Technology or short known as NEAT has been introduced by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). NEAT is first of its kind government scheme launched to utilize advanced technology for better learning outcomes in Higher Education. Schools and institutes have been continuously trying to keep up with the trends and

What is inquiry-based learning and how are teachers building lessons around current events and critical thinking?

Are you looking for an advanced strategy that will help children get engaged in their learning process? Do you want them to be involved and investigate real-world issues? Then, consider inquiry-based learning in the classroom. Unlike traditional classroom training where a teacher teaches facts and knowledge about a subject, Inquiry-based learning is a different teaching

What is game-based learning and how can your school implement gaming into the classroom?

Over the past few years, game-based learning has become a buzzword in education. Video games initially served as the basis for this type of learning but have expanded to include other types of games within the classroom as well. Games have been used as educational tools for centuries. Chess has been used to teach strategic

What Is CBE? Guide To Competency-Based Education

An approach to teaching, learning, and assessment called competency-based education (CBE) focus on students demonstrating learning outcomes and demonstrating proficiency in particular competencies in each subject. Teaching with the CBE approach is designed to empower students and provide them with meaningful and positive learning experiences. It puts the student at the center and keeps them

Top 3 Benefits That Educational Institutes Can Reap by Switching to The Cloud Technology

According to market research, the market for cloud computing in education grew at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of at least 26% between 2017 and 2021. Educational institutions are rapidly dumping traditional classroom-based learning methods in favor of cloud-based systems and strategies. With the recent proliferation of online courses, digital lesson plans, and distance

The Power of Goals “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” –Henry Ford

Goals play a very important role in shaping the way we view ourselves and others. A person who is goal-oriented is more likely to be focused and have a more positive attitude towards life as a whole and perceive failures as temporary setbacks, rather than personal shortcomings.Research has shown, training our minds to think about

Student Engagement – Strategies for Involving Kids in Their Own Learning

Student engagement is one of the major challenges parents and teachers are facing every day. Student engagement is often considered engagement in different behavioral, emotional, and cognitive activities in academic learning. The best way to motivate and involve students in learning is to ensure they can connect with the material on some level. Learners can

Social dynamics & communication skills

What’s Social dynamics and communication Social dynamics refers to the behaviour of individuals or groups that are a result of our interactions with other people, members of a group, virtual interactions, etc. In other words, social dynamics is the process by which people evolve to become more intelligent and responsible, and live healthier social lives,