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About Us

Mittsure Technologies

Mittsure Technologies is a revolutionary Ed-tech startup providing digital solutions to schools and institutions with various other facilities. The primary objective of Mittsure is to connect more and more schools, resulting in the benefit of schools, staff, students and parents.
To extend the learning, we collaborate with different schools through our interactive Mittsure Books. With the recommendation of using Mittsure Books in schools, we provide schools access to free ERP software that manages every need of your school on a single platform. Our ERP software helps schools manage their day-to-day activities anytime, anywhere, in just a few clicks. With the help of ERP, we get this feature accomplished for the schools.

Our Core Principle

Mittsure has been vigorously working on the development of schools and providing the best resources for the empowerment of students, parents, and teachers. Mittsure is also working at delivering a better education system to the students and facilitating seamless communication between all. Being an education startup, Mittsure is on a mission to connect more individuals and make the education system digitalized for everyone.

Who We Are

  • One-Stop solution for all school requirements. Empowering schools to deliver high quality education to students by improving the overall education infrastructure to new levels.
  • Complete cataloging of associated brands and startups to solve all the infrastructure and development along with the school’s promotional needs and focus on their core educational challenges.
  • Associated with many brands, agencies, and startup associations under its umbrella, working on the grounds of educational development and valuing the relationship to fulfill the joint goal. Our platform thereby acts as a medium for these startups providing their benefit to the associated schools.

What We Do

  • Offering a dedicated e-commerce platform ‘MITTSHOP’ for schools and institutions to purchase infrastructure-related equipment like digital boards, projectors, laptops, computers, CCTV, IT devices, GPS systems, and Bio-metric machines at an affordable rate. Students can also purchase other items like Guitar, Robotics Kit, Keyboard, Flute, Tabla, Yoga Kit, and accessories related to various courses.
  • Providing a common forum where schools can benefit from purchasing and selling used school- based items such as buses, used machines, tables and chairs, blackboards, and other items to save money.
  • We also develop Roboticslab, English lab, Computer lab and Digital classrooms.
  • Offering innovative solutions like counselling students with the help of Nano Technology and providing mentoring to parents. Additionally, we offer planetarium activities, Olympiads, quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, and other related activities to the associated schools.

    • Providing some other benefits like installation of the solar plant (without  investment) in the schools to reduce electricity bills, Loan & EMI facility to the schools and parents to manage child fees, organizing science projects and sports tournaments at the District/State/National Levels. The best Science Projects of a specific grade students can be funded and mentored by Mittsure.
    • Offering another service – ‘Talent Hunt’ that promotes unique skills of students by providing district and national level opportunities.
      We at Mittsure are motivated each day by our mission and vision to move forward and strive to be more and more socially relevant.
    • Our mission is to become the “SEAL OF TRUST” for the Indian education system by revolutionizing access to our dedicated e-commerce platform designed especially for the school-based infrastructure to provide world-class education.
      Our vision is to inspire a world of unlimited learning through our Ed-Tech solutions and help 50,000+ schools reach their maximum potential by the next year.

    The Mittsure Journey

    Started the Journey from Rajasthan in 2019, just before the pandemic, and after reaching 8 states and associated with more than 12000 schools, we are now present in 25 States.
    With an extended team of 300 marketing Staff and more than 100 technocrats, we are here to help solve the problems of schools and provide them with the feasibility of the solutions.

    Many of the above and other initiatives have already been executed, and some are in planning for execution. The planning list also includes training the teachers through various Workshops on Skills development & new aid techniques in the Education sector and empowering them with the latest tech-savvy methodologies.

    A revolutionary digital platform that works for the welfare of society, providing an Empathy Scheme to the students registered with Mittsure books.

    Mittsure Technologies