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Analytics Dashboard System Helping Teachers To Monitor Student Progress

Analytics Dashboard System Helping Teachers To Monitor Student Progress

A student is the pillar of an educational institution. An institution’s success can be derived from the student-success ratio, not from its good infrastructure or experienced faculty members. Hence, the institutes should be responsible for providing quality education to their students. To ensure the students are taking the right steps, the institutes need to improve teaching methodologies and evaluate the performance of students at regular intervals.

However, teachers are finding it difficult to adopt technology because they think it consumes an enormous time. To promote quality education and provide an improvised learning experience to students, educators implement state-of-the-art technologies like campus automation systems with analytics dashboards.

Analytics Dashboard helps institutes to monitor students’ activities like their punctuality, assignment submission details, test marks, results, and grades in every subject. Additionally, you will be able to track details regarding their fees, holiday, notification, and so on. Analytics Dashboard helps trace all important things at one glance.

Let’s find out in detail how the analytics dashboard is helping educators to monitor students’ progress.

Generate Reports in Easy-To-Digest Format

Every institute should have an appropriate student attendance management system. However, investing time and energy to track down the attendance record of every single student by the faculty members seems difficult. It’s even tougher to scrutinize the data to identify the core problem of students’ absenteeism in class.

With the help of ERP with an analytics dashboard, teachers can generate reports such as students’ academic grades, frequency of assignment submission, students’ punctuality, subjects with highest and lowest grades, etc.

The new education ERP software enables teachers to generate several reports dynamically and conveniently. To use the ERP software, they don’t need to be tech-savvy or waste hours understanding the reports. These reports, in an easy-to-digest format, can be utilized to resolve some crucial academic-related issues.

Gain Deeper Insights into Students’ Area of Interest

The two most important factors concerning students’ progress are preparing students to perform better in subjects with low grades and boosting students to excel in their areas of interest.

Make Data-Driven Decisions for Students’ Progress

 Teachers who are interested to improve their internal experiences and make risk-free decisions that improve their efficiency and productivity should opt for a campus management system using an Analytics dashboard. These reports enable them to track the entire institutes’ functionalities and indicate required changes in their working pattern as well.