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Why does data science need diversity?

In simple words, data science refers to the practice of getting meaningful information from large

What Is Outcome-Based Education? OBE Vs Traditional Education System

It takes a lot of time and effort for students and teachers in the traditional

What is social-emotional support and why is it important for schools to have these in place for students

Increasingly, social-emotional support/social-emotional learning is being examined by educators and schools, as they wrestle with

Why Are Educational Institutions Concerned About Student Data Security?

Data security of every individual is a need of the hour in recent times. Data

Big data and coworking

The future of technology and businesses lies in big data. Big data primarily deals with

Assessing the Use of Social Media in Education

Introduction The integration of social media in education has gained significant attention in recent years

Strategies for Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Introduction In the modern educational landscape, technology is an invaluable asset for classrooms. Integrating technology

Evaluating the Use of Gamification in Education

Introduction Gamification in education has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, with many

Examining the Benefits of Online Learning Platforms

Introduction Online learning platforms are becoming increasingly popular and have revolutionized the way we learn.

How EdTech is Revolutionizing the Classroom

Introduction Technology has radically changed the way we live, work and play—and education is no

What Is Observational Learning in Higher Education?

The majority of initial learning experiences occur through observation. We make sense of the world

What Is NCTE? Role Of National Council For Teacher Education (NCTE)

Schools, educational institutions, and most important, teachers are integral parts of a student’s life. Teachers

What Is National Educational Alliance For Technology (NEAT) Scheme?

National Educational Alliance for Technology or short known as NEAT has been introduced by the

What is inquiry-based learning and how are teachers building lessons around current events and critical thinking?

Are you looking for an advanced strategy that will help children get engaged in their

What is game-based learning and how can your school implement gaming into the classroom?

Over the past few years, game-based learning has become a buzzword in education. Video games

What Is CBE? Guide To Competency-Based Education

An approach to teaching, learning, and assessment called competency-based education (CBE) focus on students demonstrating