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A balanced lifestyle is achieving optimum in all aspects of one’s life, such as emotions,

The debate between online learning versus traditional education continues to take the centre stage each

There are a lot of ways and methods to teach students. To attain knowledge students

E-learning or online learning is an internet-based education that requires the use of electronic devices

Today, every generic mean has been effectively substituted for its digital counterparts. Due to the

For centuries, to improve the learning outcomes of students, teachers have been implementing different teaching

What is Learning in The Flow of Work? Learning in the flow of work involves

During the Covid-19 pandemic, students across the globe have adopted a new way of studying

The teaching and learning process has greatly evolved in recent years. Schools and institutions are

This age of digitalization has opened new gateways to imparting knowledge using technology. Imparting knowledge

Technology has changed the way we used to live our lives, and it has an

Commodity trading deals with buying and selling various commodities and their derivatives like wheat, gold,

The meaning of education and the way of teaching and learning has been changing from

EdTech or Educational Technology means the integration of information and communication technology into the classroom

We always influence our kids about multitasking. But the truth is our mind can’t hold

Mentor, a word from the ancient Greeks, is defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary as: