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EdTech – Dynamic, Adaptive & Here To Stay!

EdTech – Dynamic, Adaptive & Here To Stay!

EdTech or Educational Technology means the integration of information and communication technology into the classroom to facilitate learning more engaging. Modern technology is transforming the educational sectors through AI (Augmented Reality) and ML (Machine Learning) solutions to fill the skill gap and provide better learning experiences to the students. The students are not restricted in the four walls of the classroom anymore.

Today’s classroom has been transformed beyond the clunky desktop computers and is now tech-infused with tablets. Interactive online courses and even robots are also introduced in educational institutions that take notes and record lectures for students. Accessing study material is now easier than ever due to the adoption of versatile and global technology. Digital libraries and encyclopedias are now available on the internet to provide relevant information to students for their upcoming projects.

The EdTech tools such as virtual reality lessons, EdTech robots, and gamified classroom activities have made learning more engaging and fun. This dynamic integration of information technology into the classroom indeed encourages peers to be proactive with their studies and look into a particular topic.

EdTech has been a major blessing for students because of the genius customization and personalization of education. This tactical approach toward making smart study material and providing easy learning experiences to the target audience is genius. The dynamic changing content designed for the target audience can be served with easy discoverability and accessibility. The customization of education and study content is well integrated and considered beneficial for the teachers as well as students.

Integration of dynamic communication technology in education sectors is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and upgraded frequently using machine learning (ML). It motivates students to be more creative at learning, making the learning environments more fun and informative. On top of it, the technology has also helped the educators to collect students’ data on their performances and results that eventually clear their way to support the students who need guidance as well as to encourage the students who are performing well.

Introducing technology in education helps students to connect with today’s reality and to stay updated on national and international issues. This innovative technology enables educators to expand their knowledge of the real world with the help of AR, VR, and more. Unlike other industries, educational institutions are rapidly adopting this modern technology to keep students updated, equip them with grit, and enhance their expertise to conquer career goals.

Augmented Reality based technology is transforming the way of learning and education. Traditional schools in India have gone through a significant transformation during the Covid-19 pandemic and adopted integrated learning platforms. EdTech helps students, parents, teachers, and school administrators to communicate effectively and act as a strategic partner to meet the end-to-end content material needs. There are currently various virtual reality tools like myriad tools, data platforms, and mobile apps that help in assessing students’ skills and performance, and they relay the data to the teacher.