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Features of

School ERP

Our ERP Software Modules use modernized techniques and methodologies that strive to ensure the automation of school management processes. These well-developed software modules provide flourishing opportunities for schools, teachers, students and parents. Detailed ERP software modules that we provide are listed below:

special feature

Lesson Plan

This special feature contains important guidelines and procedure for teaching lessons in a systematic way. With the help of your school teachers you can generate session-wise yearly lesson plans for each class and subject. However, the school will have the flexibility to revise/alter the lesson plan as per their yearly session schedules. The school principal can easily check the status of a particular course of a class on a single click to verify the timelines or delays (if any) as per schedule.

Data Management

Now, schools can keep their records and data up to date on the Cloud Server provided by Mittsure. It will help them access their data anytime, anywhere instead of handling multiple excel files or paperwork.


Now, sending messages to groups via web/mobile app or SMS is very simple.

  • Group Alerts :- Send alerts to a specific group at just one click.
  • Individual Alerts :- Simplified search feature to send individual alerts.
  • Teacher/Staff Alerts :- Communicate to a teacher/staff or all on the click of a button.
  • Up to 10,000 SMS Pack will be available on complementary basis (annually).


Marking the attendance of students by Admin or Teacher App is a very important feature.

  • Attendance Alerts :- Make the Attendance System strong and effective with automated absent alerts to parents.
  • Attendance Report :- Automated reports based on daily attendance.
  • Leave Management :- Parents can apply for leave from an app which directly goes to admin and teacher for approval/denial.

Enquiry Management

Managing enquiries for future references is very easy. Schools can keep track of enquiries, communicate via SMS with parents, and generate a list of enquiries as and when required.


Subject teachers can upload their subject Homework/Assignment on App/Website (only to the classes they teach) and it gets shared with parents instantly.


School can add the collection of photos and videos (via YouTube link) of any events, games, etc. in the Gallery module via web/mobile app to make the Parents/Students access memories of the events.


  • School can maintain the list of important events and holidays under this module. All the events/holidays being held at the school will be visible to Parents/Principal/Admin.
  • The calendar automatically shows a reminder one day prior to the parents on the Parent app.