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How does Technology Enhance the Learning Experience of Students?

How does Technology Enhance the Learning Experience of Students?

This age of digitalization has opened new gateways to imparting knowledge using technology. Imparting knowledge using technology has gone beyond PowerPoint presentations, multimedia-rich animations to podcasts, audio lectures, apps, software, e-learning tools and what not? The society is dominated by ever-developing smartphones, tablets, computers, and more, students today expect and indeed thrive when interacting with technology. Students are constantly interacting with some form of technology.

Technology Enhanced Learning

The term Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is used to describe the application of technology to teaching and learning. TEL is transforming and enhancing education and educational institutions beyond recognition. Digital TEL is taking over education in the form of different varieties of educational software.

Technology Enhance the Learning Experience of Students Improve overall educational productivity

Technology accompanied by online schooling has the power to connect real-life situations to student’s learning, the concepts and topics become more meaningful for them. Thus, online schooling is a tool for great learning outcomes and educational productivity. Technology-based education helps in enhancing the overall quality and productivity of the educational processes.

Incorporates various learning styles

With the advent of TEL, textbooks are no longer the ultimate source of information and knowledge. Technology has changed the learning environment so that learning is more hands- on by using other resources such as video, audio, and interactive learning, students have many ways to learn. With the flexible, self-paced, and student-centric structures technology has the potential to meet the varied needs of students conveniently.

Learning at one’s own pace

Technology in education enables children to adjust to their own pace of learning. Students can devote time to topics as per their individual learning needs. Students who need extra time for better understanding can spend more time going over exercises, whilst students who don’t need revision can continue ahead. It is much easier to connect with individualized lesson plans through technology than reading a textbook or listening to a live lecture, traditional classrooms make it difficult to do so. Self-paced online educational environment helps in retaining students in the mainstream education system while assisting them in achieving better academic success.

Better student engagement

Studies have shown that technology-based schooling environments can lead to better student engagement and effective learning. Providing students with familiar tools and platforms they are more likely to be engaged and get more out of the learning experience. Standard textbook makes it much more difficult to turn an otherwise boring subject into something that will capture students’ attention. Students can break free from traditional means such as rote learning and lecture-based methods, online means of learning ideas such as gamification, virtual lessons and interactivity focus on keeping students engaged. When students are more engaged, they are even more likely to enjoy the experience and to retain the information that is being imparted.

Technology Prepares Students for the Future

Technology has revolutionized the ways we interact with the world. Education as a concept has moved away from memorizing facts or expanding vocabularies; it has become more about learning skills that will prepare students to interact with the world around them. The reality is that it is almost impossible to survive in the working world without technology; thus, it’s important that we prepare students to successfully engage in this new technological world.