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Mittsure books are the backbone of the foundation for study and are prescribed by the NCERT as per the NEP 2020. Books are available for Nursery to Class 8. In case a school prescribes the complete set of Mittsure Books in their book list, then the schools and students would be eligible for a lot of benefits.

What is Mittsure's contribution as a publishing house

Mittsure Books​ Highlights

  • All books are composed according to a constructive 'Theme & Methodology' to teach the learners stepwise
  • Scientifically formulated moderate & portable book size
  • Impactful and profound presentation with exquisite layout and title cover exposition
  • Three-layer checking by the Editorial Team of Mittsure with their whole hearted support
  • Inquisitive emergence of 'Learning by Doing' notion
  • Text written by eminent, profound, proficient, sagacious and highly qualified authors

Benefits of Mittsure Books for Schools

  • Hi-tech online classroom sessions in the absence of a teacher
  • As teachers' helping hand, comprehensive digital Teacher's Manual for all subjects
  • Offering an extensive range of online programs for teachers' skill development and technology awareness
  • Transmitting integrated School Management (ERP) Software Modules to transcribe manual processes into automated structures
  • Aiming at the advanced infrastructure with the latest technologies

For more information please refer to our book catalogue.