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Some Proven Techniques to Improve Memory Power and Concentration

Some Proven Techniques to Improve Memory Power and Concentration

According to science, memory is an integral part of our body that defines who we are. However, with the age, our memory power declines. It becomes worse with old age people that they won’t be able to live independently. Forgetfulness can also be seen among young minds due to prolonged stress and tension.

Fortunately, scientists have been in research to grow new neural connections in our brain to increase its amazing capacity. The research is otherwise known as neuroplasticity. As per research, the capacity of our memory is flexible like plastic. The memory power of a human can be increased by following certain techniques. However, to improve memory and concentration, you need to practice some proven good habits regularly. Here are the following most effective tips and tricks for improving memory power.

Include physical activity in daily routine

Physical activity is a proven technique to improve concentration and memory power. A timely practice of moderate aerobics activity helps to keep your memory sharp, and you will become aware of what is happening in and around you. You will learn to ignore the negative energies and concentrate on something else.


Practicing meditation is the ultimate way to improve concentration and memory. Meditation soothes your mind and reduces the pile of negative thoughts that keep your brain engaged. Once you start practicing, you will be able to settle down your mind and thoughts. There is no doubt that meditation helps you calm down, de-stress and relax and let the negativity flow out of your brain and soul.

Socialize regularly

Be interactive with people you met because that helps fend off depression and stress. Depression leads to memory loss. Therefore, find new opportunities to get together with your friends or spend some valuable time with your loved ones and make new friends if you want to live a social life.

Learn something new

A strong memory is just like strong muscles. The more you utilize your brain, the stronger it gets. You need to learn new skills every day to keep your brain constantly challenged and strengthen your brain’s memory capacity. It can be anything like you can adopt a new hobby related to painting, crafts, learning new languages or instruments, etc. Speaking more than one language boosts your memory power and forces you to come out of your comfort zone.

Repeat and retrieve

When you get to learn new information, try to mentally record that information by repeating it. Repetition helps to create connections between neurons. Whatever you want to memorize, repeat it, make a sentence, note it down, or read it out loud. But you also need to test your memory by retrieving the information without looking at the notes you have prepared. Practicing retrieval is better than repeated learning because it helps to memorize the information for a longer period and create a better learning experience.

Sleep well

Good sleep is another proven way that helps in consolidating your memories. Try to get seven to nine hours of sleep a day. Make a habit of going to bed at a particular time every night and getting up at the same time every morning. Don’t break your routine even on the weekends. This helps to improve your sleep quality and brain functionality.

Good food habits

A healthy food habit offers excellent nutrition to your memory. As per research, children having such food habits tend to have better memory functions. Different food habits like the Mediterranean diet controls high blood pressure as it contains plant-based foods such as green, colorful, and leafy vegetables. Eating whole grains, beans, lentils, and peas provides good protein and fat to the diet. Adding fatty fish and olive oil to your diet can also be ideal for brain development. Follow the above techniques regularly to improve memory and concentration. Besides these, you can take breaks from the daily chore and spend the evening time enjoying yourself with your friends. Relax, rest well and distress yourself. Stay hydrated and eat healthy food.