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Why does data science need diversity?

Why does data science need diversity?

In simple words, data science refers to the practice of getting meaningful information from large raw data sets. Though data science is an innovative, progressive and fast-forwarding field, we must not forget the effort and efficiency of humans to build the real environment. We know data science is relatively a new landscape, but it is also complex, inaccessible to some, dense and even some people don’t find it interesting to explore a career in this field.

In the field of data science, we need to understand every customer’s needs and perspectives to deliver high-value and seamless experiences to them. Data scientists are regarded as effective problem solvers and belong to diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Most industries are looking for diversity in their workforce, to improve prosperity for people of all kinds and foster an open culture in the workplace. The more our organization wants diversity within your workplace, the better we’re able to create an innovative, data-driven organization.

Data scientists help in analyzing and interpreting data. Data scientists are responsible for better business decisions, understanding customer expectations, and improving products or services. According to recent studies, approx 15% of data scientist role is handled by women.  Earlier, men were preferred for more scientific, mathematical, and technological roles. Young girls and women have been pushed out for more diverse actions and insights.

An increase in diversity should not be only in our own company but across the technology industry. The role of data scientists is in demand, and growth in this field comes with enormous opportunities to increase diversity. However, it needs a lot more effort because it’s not about women or young girls who are not considered. Less than 20% of jobs in the STEM field are reserved for the people of the LGBTQ+ community.

A better diverse data science workforce always leads to better decisions and insights. A recent study has found that diversity in the workplace creates a smarter, more creative, diligent, and harder-working workforce. Therefore, added diversity from women and the LGBTQ+ community can make a real difference in the field. Reports suggest teams with more women are found more productive than a team of only men. 

It is crucial to empower our women employees and let them grow by providing training opportunities in their specific areas such as public speaking, negotiation, presentation, and advancing their technical skills. According to a study done on students pursuing STEM-related careers, it is revealed that approx. 21% of engineering and 19 % of computer science students are women.

What’s more crucial is inspiring role models. Role models can be your present role which you’re in, and what you desire to be. An inspiring role model in the workplace always puts a positive impact on your work and effort. Seeing women in the field of data science motivate other women and let them feel included and supported.

Regardless of whether you work in big or small industries, a true gauge of challenges affecting your team and individuals is significant for all leaders. Creating a welcoming and inspiring work culture, listening to everyone within the team, and motivating people to grow in their organization leads to a successful business.