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Why does data science need diversity?

According to market research, the market for cloud computing in education grew at a Compound

What Is Outcome-Based Education? OBE Vs Traditional Education System

Goals play a very important role in shaping the way we view ourselves and others.

What is social-emotional support and why is it important for schools to have these in place for students

Student engagement is one of the major challenges parents and teachers are facing every day.

Why Are Educational Institutions Concerned About Student Data Security?

What’s Social dynamics and communication Social dynamics refers to the behaviour of individuals or groups

Big data and coworking

Education is a fundamental human right as per Article 6 of the Universal Declaration of

Assessing the Use of Social Media in Education

In the wake of the global recession, many companies faced with slowing growth or actual

Strategies for Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Technology is the use of devices, systems and methods that arise from scientific knowledge and

Evaluating the Use of Gamification in Education

Educational institutions are implementing different methods and techniques to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Examining the Benefits of Online Learning Platforms

Workflow management is defined as an approach or automated system through which an organisation executes

How EdTech is Revolutionizing the Classroom

Usage of the internet among children is rising and the coronavirus pandemic has driven the

What Is Observational Learning in Higher Education?

Technology has transformed the teaching and learning methods in the education sector. It also helped

What Is NCTE? Role Of National Council For Teacher Education (NCTE)

A student’s life is engulfed with numerous academic and extracurricular activities, and succeeding is important.

What Is National Educational Alliance For Technology (NEAT) Scheme?

Educational institutions and teachers are a guiding force for students and they play a critical

What is inquiry-based learning and how are teachers building lessons around current events and critical thinking?

English is a beautiful language most commonly used for communicating in most workplaces. One of

What is game-based learning and how can your school implement gaming into the classroom?

Data plays a critical role in making informed decisions across industries. The education sector is

What Is CBE? Guide To Competency-Based Education

Managing data is a challenging task for any organisation. Educational institutions should manage the data